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#575 Banned from Facebook for BAD behaviour.

Monday 12th October, 2009

Dear Mariann,
Not a direct comment but more a different question. Uni Athletics Union at the welcome meet has banned photos and such like on Facebook of the event. Banned a bit strong but members have been told not to post info because in past years the Uni has scanned Facebook and the Union got trouble because of drunken and other images. Not now called ‘initiation’, but a drink circle. Everyone has to drink two pints of their choice to start with (could be water :)). Then games that can mean more drinks and activities :) All fun but now it seems we can’t share this anymore of Facebook
(From PaulK in response to the post an overwhelmingly attractive twentysomething lady)

Cheers to the dilemmas of modern life. I raise to you PaulK my own two-pint initiation drink of choice *takes a delicate sip and swings legs across desk*.

PaulK, you and other Fresher’s and returning university students should be aware that universities are increasingly savvy and, thus, paranoid about their (and yours) reputation on Facebook. First, they have to be seen to have a duty of care toward their students. Second, the likes of Facebook etc. represent possible pitfalls in terms of legal ‘issues‘. This is because as a student on Facebook you make visible that you are a part of the university network. So the same as if you were drunk and disorderly ‘on the town’ and had to be reminded of your representation of the university as a student, is the tagging of content involving potentially criminal activity. Or if not criminal then ‘bad’ or sociall unacceptable behaviour.

Thus, your Athletics Union can be accused of being overcautious and even a spoilsport in its take, but this is to protect your reputation and avoid any legal wranglings. However, there are ways around this. If you’re keen to post photos etc. to Facebook – and who isn’t – then set up a Group Page. Make sure this is a Group whose members are by invitation only. Then you can upload content and share pages etc. away from the public broadcast to the university network. To avoid confusion, name the group something other than ‘university of such and such athletics club’ as it is likely that the university will see through this and take the page down. They can read you know.

I am not encouraging you to track your falling down drunk games. Rather, one might like to flick through Group pages at the end of year and be able to recall and enjoy past social times. Keep in mind this gem; never post anything that you would not be happy to share with anyone and everyone; parents and university bigwigs included.

Should you drink so much that you require another type of group, then the source of the problem is something other than the degrees of social convention and potential spoilsport conundrum. And you might like to flog these images to Heat etc.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    A man on the run, wanted for fraud by US authorities, inadvertently revealed where he was hiding through a series of extravagant Facebook updates.

  2. NotMe says:

    I have decided to be different and not use Facebook. They can tx me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Drunk last pm – now have to take down all the pics and comments I put on Facebook – don't even know some of these first years. Drunk – avoid Facebook. You Know It Make Sense

  4. Babbage says:

    Reserve and deference were key elements in Victorian etiquette. The opposite seems true of our bully-boy SNS times. I wonder if we can have a new movement to encourage a proper demeanor and if so what it might look like? People – we could create a proper demeanor manifesto. What would this look like?

  5. DickD says:

    All about control. Do colleges really scan SNSs or it is simply a 'protect out institutional backs' if anything gets out that might be 'naughty'. We have a policy so thats OK sort of response. I think so!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just read this – at Fresher Fair new students were given a leaflet about the do's and don't's of MySpace and Facebook. A big no is "damaging the Universities" good name' and the implication that disciplinary action might follow. A spot OTT IMO. But seems Universities are scared about SNSs.

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