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#580 How can it be acceptable for my friend to be ‘in a relationship’ with such a ruffian.

Wednesday 28th October, 2009

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Dear Mariann,
I can concerned about the type A Friend has started dating. He is the type who has tattoos of the ‘l.o.v.e’ and ‘h.a.t.e’ variety. She is not. On his Facebook Profile he is without a top, Burberry cap at, what one imagines he thinks is, a jaunty angle and various ‘bling’ all over his body. She is all Chanel and elegance. How can it be acceptable for my friend to be ‘in a relationship’ with such a ruffian. Not least how on earth can I ever wear my Burberry trench again?!
(From Ms Westbrook via email)

Ms Westbrook, I suggest that you take your perfectly manicured nails for a walk away from the keyboard and concentrate on more significant social standing/s closer to home. Perhaps you could ask to borrow said implied ruffians Burberry cap. It will, afterall, match your trench and then you can strut with purpose and poise (as I suppose that you do) and deliver in person your judgement of the aforementioned Burberry Boy in question.

Moreover, have you not heard, Burberry is all high-end status again – If our wizarding friend Emma Watson modelling efforts are anything to go by (see your latest copy of Vogue). Perhaps you could organise a day out for you and Burberry boy, you have much in common and you can laugh at how passé the likes of Ugg/ly boots, Hermès and Juicy Couture are. I have included the links in case you decide to take a liking to the aforementioned. Then you can update your status to ‘facile fashionata’. And strut around in your Footaballers Wives attire.

In short. Jealous. Much?

I wish your friend, both hers and your couture, and dating enterprise/s goodluck.

Put your trench on. It’s going to get wet. Re. the bling; make sure Burberry Boy doesn’t rust.

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