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#583 I’m not good enough for him… What would you do?

Wednesday 4th November, 2009

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Dear Mariann,
Please help me. I am rather confused. I’ve just entered a new relationship, but the problem is my boyfriend (who is HOT stuff). Obviously I don’t have an issue with him or our relationship, but his friends do. They post on my Wall that i’m not good enough for him. I’m a little worried. What would you do?
From Miles, by e-mail

If I were you, I would fervently hope that his friends are no reflection of Mr Hot’s character. Has Mr Hot bought this situation to your mutual attention, i.e. taken the opportunity to tell friends to ‘back off’, or is he actually employing this as a temporary evasion tactic. Too cowardly to confront you, or change his own relationship status, it sounds as though he is leaving it to the likes of others to indicate that he wants his Hotness to go elsewhere.

My reading of the situation is this; he intends to ignore you for long enough that you either ‘go away’ and/or his friends gripes justify his selfish and cowardness to break from you.

The other possibility – that his friends are purposely winding you up and he prefers you to them anyway – can only ever be confirmed by his actions, not yours. A Case of Hot gone Cold.

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