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#586 Perfect Facebook Office Etiquette.

Monday 9th November, 2009

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Dear Mariann,
We in the office would love to have you as our spokeswoman. We read your blog avidly and post print-outs to the office pin-board. The staff would love to have some of your comments on the Perfect Facebook Office Etiquette.

Thank you in anticipation.

From the Big Wigs in the Office, by e-mail

I am usually one to shy away from such requests ‘on high’, but in the same week that sees me making some of my own (if you have been contacted by me already, please, please, please say ‘yes’) here are my thoughts re. the ‘perfect’ office Facebook etiquette.

Be prepared that those in the office who are included as Facebook friends will already know everything about you and in all likelihood will, therefore, deem it ‘necessary’ office practice to communicate via not only Facebook, but SKYPE, Twitter etc. as a way of channeling various social/work pressures and aggregating as much ‘freind/ly‘ information as possible. These will be held against you in the pub / various review meetings later.

Should people refuse your Friend Request, they are the people who one can classify as amongst those ‘other friends’ and are not friendly enough to know already. Then you need not know them at all and a simple ‘hey’ by the photocopier should be enough to cover all work and social etiquette parameters.

What using Facebook in the office does is to provide an excuse to watch various streams of social information bubbling away. There are more effective ways of doing this. For example, proposing a meeting and drawing people together in the board room for a brainstorm. However, this scenario does not come with a ‘Top Friend’ poll or Poke button.

As with those celebrity stars who are also on Facebook one can presuppose that this is as much a justification for social distraction as office communication. Happy?…

8 Responses to “#586 Perfect Facebook Office Etiquette.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it a social faux pas to put up on Facebook that I got an STD from a guy who is on my network and I met at a party?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Forgot my boss had friended me. Put up I hated my stupid job and fat fool who ran my section. He read it and pulled me in for unprofessional conduct. But I posted at the weekend !!!! Now can't say anything as HE is watching Fat fool!!!!!

  3. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @Rob. Quite. Then, with the 'vital stats' firmed up, we can proceed.

  4. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @Rob, Sorry I can't take your comment right now. If you'd like to leave your…

  5. Rob says:

    Is it possible for you to be any more in demand, Dr Hardey?

  6. Anonymous says:

    My boss wants to friend me – no way he is a lech but he is the boss – can't upset him but those holiday snaps – wrong idea!!!

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