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#585 …some shots in rather risqué poses.

Monday 9th November, 2009

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Dear Mariann
On returning from a recent jaunt in Rio, I have shared ONLY with friends some snaps on Facebook. Unfortunately some of these have entered the mainstream – some shots in rather
risqué poses. This was all quite amusing- to begin with – until this morning when my boss has called me in for a ‘private’ and ‘serious’ meeting. She has always had a thing for me. No doubt these pictures were forwarded to her, which she now sees as a green light for us to get our rocks on.

Would it be bad etiquette to tell her to keep her clothes on and/or just ask if I could poke her secretary instead?
From PGTips, via email.

It would be in poor taste to make a move on the secretary before you have secured your own position at the firm. To take (in whatever form may arise) in hand the ‘serious’ nature of the ‘meeting’ this morning, use this as an opportunity to propose a job swap. You could work as Her (your Boss) secretary and the secretary as yours. And so, in one swoop, all practicality of unrequited lust/love is removed as you are held tight within a hierarchy of work/power/sexual tension.

I would then propose some pointed questions for the Boss, raising all copyright and disclaimer issues re. the photos. Of course, you haven’t got a leg to stand on as by publishing to Facebook (even if originally ‘only’ to friends) you have, in effect, given up all rights to said images. You never know your meeting could be just a ruse to watch you squirm, and try to defend your (various) positions.

One course of action for ‘peace’. Leave some shots in a sealed enveloped marked ‘for your viewing pleasure’, and eagerly await a pay-rise. Or the sack.

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