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#587 A nonsensical social faux pas

Friday 13th November, 2009

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Dear Mariann,
Is it a social faux pas to put up on Facebook that I got an STD from a guy who is on my network and I met at a party?

(From Anonymous (quelle surprise) via email

My, My, My. *Raises eyebrow/s*
I’m not really sure as to the intent of your question. Are your concerns with the potential ‘pas’-ness regarding the posting of yours and his sexual encounter? Or is this about the content of such details being in place on both your networks – to be spread like a virus (pun intended) – FOREVER!

To my mind, it is unspeakably vulgar to reveal what was (I presume) a private encounter between the pair of you. And thus, it should remain as such – PRIVATE AND PROTECTED. Rather than broadcast for public consumption.

Unless you are completely naive in the ways of social networking you will know that anything you post and/or display remains forever linked to you. And also, in this instance, to him. Of course if you do post up on Facebook, years from now your grandchildren can admire the publication of your various titillation’s, and be reassured in the knowledge that granny, and possibly grandaddy, were too stupid to practice safe sex.

So I propose this, practice ‘safe’ social networking. Pull yourself together. Reading outside of your lines, this should be the most acceptable scenario – Girl met boy. Boy and Girl go to bed. Girl gets STD. Girl has the good grace to sort herself out, ensure that she does not put herself at risk again and it would be civil to enquire how Boy is doing – should he not realise that he had said STD.

Such incidences are hardly unheard of. Your speculation about posting such ‘updates’ across Facebook is just another manifestation of the erratic escalation of TMI (too much information). I am sure that I speak for those others in your network who are quite happy not to be informed of your sexual ‘health checks’. Next time are you going to launch into a Status Update ‘voyage of discovery’ re. a nasty incidence of missile-shaped and slop- like case of pernicious backdoor trots? I recommend, not.

Yours is just a nonsensical faux social concern that quite frankly we could do without.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don't know about STDs but this girl I know out her sonograms on to tell all she was pregnant Bit rude as I think you should tell close friends and family F2F

  2. BeachBaby says:

    So hot Friday that I hit the beach instead of the office – a mate tagged a pic and my boss has seen it…….Can't really say I was ill when there I am in the bikini – any suggestions for an out?

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