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#592 Naked on Facebook

Sunday 22nd November, 2009

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Dear Mariann,
I’m in a new relationship and want to get naked with my girlfriend. Should I surprise her on Facebook?
From KEN via email.

Surprise her with what? Your enormous network? No Ken, I would let a more personal exposure happen in less public (dare I say romantic) surroundings.

Besides, anything unpleasant and it won’t be long until she has defriended and is avoiding you. So I would advise against networking naked, less you want to put the willy’s up her. So to speak.

9 Responses to “#592 Naked on Facebook”

  1. OverPush says:

    Remember Facebook BANNED and CENSORED photographs of nursing mothers from its pages. can't think what bit of body could be displayed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fucker has just dumped me via a wall post on FB – ks this new?

  3. iainbe says:

    such intercourse as this best conducted in private and with the lights out

  4. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @iainbe I am as demure, as I am diffident and self-effacing.

    And nearly always naked. Well aren't we all under our attire.

  5. iainbe says:

    Very coquettish, Dr Hardey, and I bet it made the ratings shoot up

  6. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @ Anon. Cut off? but what part?

  7. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @ not a stalker.

    enough said.

  8. Anonymous says:

    suggest cut him off !!!!!!!

  9. not a stalker. says:

    can I get naked with you?…

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