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#495 Are you as arrogant and smug as you make out

Friday 11th December, 2009

Dear Mariann,
Are you as arrogant and smug as you make out, or is it all just to gain some front. Much like your legs – as I see from your picture.
From Professor DWallard, via email. And Facebook. And Twitter.
Legs aside, I do like my bottom. It’s quite good for sitting on. Does that rile you? If I were made of some lesser mortal stuff I would take swing at your dubious self for such insult. I would, bite my thumb at you, sir! But then that wouldn’t be fitting for one’s smugness would it.

Perhaps if you were to suggest what I should do?…

ps in light of the above I see nothing to gain from accepting your ‘Friend Request’, aside from the smug satisfaction of defriending you at some point in the near future. Toodle pip.

One Response to “#495 Are you as arrogant and smug as you make out”

  1. Friendintheknow says:

    Dear Maz, to be frank, you could do with some more arrogance. From a friend who knows, time to 'big up yourself' for 2010.

    ps No need for any gift from you for christmas this year! You've already worked hard enough!

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