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#497 should we be friends …

Friday 18th December, 2009

Dear Mariann,
Now Mark Zuckerberg has changed his privacy settings should we be friends or just take a look at what he is up too?
(From Mark, in reply to the post ‘I saw what my husband got me on Facebook’)

Mark, delighted you share such an important namesake. Perhaps there should be more commentary about the etiquette of having ‘friends’ with the same name. Could cause confusion. Not least as Facebook insists on ‘being clever’ since its little updating thingy and pre-empting (much in the same infuriating way that Google does) what you are going to type at any one moment. Which means that when one is searching for ‘cupcakes’, one doesn’t necessarily end up where one originally intended.

Back, to your ‘other Mark’ related enquiry. I would follow this rule of thumb, when one seeks new friends this should be done in same manner as you would assess a new chocolate. Is this the type of sweet indulgence that one can easily sustain? Are they the type one can take out of their wrapper and leave their less unpalatable remains in the box. OR, are they the type one takes away, leaving both the wrapper and box, and discarding of both separately?

The rules are the same as for new Facebook friends: these should be separately assessed, then those rejected rolled into a ball and flicked away with vigor.

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  1. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @ Chilly Too, you, and everyone else, are very welcome. Stay warm. More mince pies please.

  2. Chilly Too says:

    A Happy Christmas to all other readers and a big poke to Dr M for keeping s practicing properly.

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