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#608 a position on Wall posts…

Tuesday 5th January, 2010

Dear Mariann,
I was wondering, and an curious to know, do you have a position on Wall posts and cross-posting comments? I seem to have a lot.
(From Al via email)

I have always found it best not to sit on the wall, whether it be concrete, or those other more wordy ones on Facebook. Humpty’s potential Big Fall is the chief determiner of this, as his fate only exemplifies how such instances – as initially simplistic as sitting on a wall – can be far too unpredictable to make any such event reliable. In my experience the cross-posting from one wall discussion to another have a tendency to slip away from the initial premise and by the time all parties have had time to read, re-read, comment and then re-comment the most exciting moment has passed. Or we’ve all fallen never to be put back together again.

In short, make way for Humpty before he Dumpty’s and never sit on the wall unless you want a big fall.

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  1. BigG says:

    I hate the craze for updates about 'I've lost so many pounds this week'. Is this some new competitive diet thing?

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