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#607 Have I reached a Facebook dead end?

Monday 11th January, 2010

Dear Mariann,
A magazine article recently suggested that a desirable attribute of a potential boyfriend is to ‘be kind’ and ‘have humour’. Inspired by this (and because I am keen not to be single) I updated my Facebook information and Status in a suitably friendly and funny way. Sad to say my (so called) friends have seen fit to mock my attempts at such desirable traits. Should I de-friend? Have I reached a Facebook dead end?
(From ManH, Exeter via a considerably long/er email)

I once had a friend of a Grandparents friend who used to keep his audience entertained by proudly recounting how he (in his younger days of youth and folly) charmed the pants (quite regularly and literally) off his fancies. This all came to a head one day when his wife countered that it was in fact his pants that came off with regularity and because he looked so ‘pathetic’ that she decided that she should marry him if only to ensure that he keep his belt buckled in the future.

The nice thing about Facebook is that it records quite accurately potential moments of humiliation that you and your future partner can enjoy (and publish) on a grand scale to one another and Facebook friends. I expect that by making sure that everyone knows you’re ‘nice’ and have a ‘good sense of humour’ provides similar openings and possibilities. So do not give up on your ‘I am a nice chap’ crusade and ignore your friends asides. Far from reaching a ‘dead end‘, you never know when someone may be admiring you (with pity) from afar. Many a successful partnership has been built on less.

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