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#230 …a view on another Google launch

Wednesday 10th February, 2010

Dear Mariann,

Nice new site – do you have a view on the new SNS Google launch tomorrow today?

(From JohieD in reply to the post #229 Feeling sick from the too-ing and fro-ing of friends)

JohieD, delighted you like the new site.  A home away from home if you will. Back to your observation, I do believe you refer to GoogleBuzz –

‘…a way to share status updates, photos and web links inside its email service Gmail.’ (with Thanks to TimesOnline)

Personally I’m not one for persistent buzzing.  I assume that those at Google inc used such tagging to make some ‘clever’ social note about the constant state of our social affairs. That or there’s been some error whilst working in the lab late one night and (one can only imagine) that there’s a host of lab professionals with a fly head.  ‘Help me! Help me! Buzzzzz!’ Only Jeff Goldblum can save them now (note that this is the scarier of The Fly films, not only for the ‘special’ effects, but the acting ability alone. Shocking don’t ya know, but then it was 1986 and Bermuda shorts were soon on the scene).

Where were we? oh, yes the constant buzzing. It’s just a drill. In the sound making sense, but also attempts by Google to integrate the already multi-faceted aspects of its task-force.  Recall how we used to ‘search’ for ‘stuff” on the web. Now we ‘Google’.  I’m less inclined to predict that where we once emailed, Facebook’d etc. we will seek to Buzz, but I’m already rather inclined to the vibrating sensation of buzzing technology in my pocket, so perhaps this will take off after all.

But, let us not waste another second of precious social network opportunities.  I once too had ambitions. Not of the grand variety, but an array of simple (nay, even straight-forward) steps forward.  Friends, family, career, a home of my own. If I were to adopt another social network series of preferences I may go quite mad. So I’m inclined (on the surface) to respond enthusiastically to the potential sensation of the Buzz, but also bear a heavier set of reservations, accompanied by a roll of the eyes, that damp seemingly overenthusiastic social network ardor.

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