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#232 It is Valentines Day

Sunday 14th February, 2010

Dear Mariann,

It is Valentines Day.  My so called boyfriend has completely ignore it despite clear indications from me that stuff would be anticipated and expected. And I want full on Facebook recognition as ´´in a relationship´ status. As promised to me, when he proposed, last Wednesday. should I Poke, defriend or ignore?

(From SexySue, downunder, via email)

SexySue (?¿) I find your dilemma both fitting and sadly of the demanding hissy fit girlfriend type.  Shame on you for falling for such commercial ´graces´. Shame on him for proposing without first notifying his Facebook network of his intentions. How dare he? as this is (surely) the modern day requirement of asking the parents for their daughters hand.  Perhaps you could wrong foot your beloved by updating your Facebook status to first ín a relationship´, then swiftly to ´single´and finally íts complicated´- dependent on the manner in which he is (supposed) to woo you today.

Whatever happens, I was always taught that it is considered polite to ´hide´your disappointment. Surely as a woman you are good at this. Then you can sniff objectionally all day, claim that you a ´not sulking´, when in fact you have marked his card to be held against him for all time.  Is romance this dead? Facebook updates aside, remember that he LOVES you. He has proposed (more fool him) and that even the most begrudging of relationship holdings can produce quite acceptable yields if properly maintained.  Which leads me to ask, what have you got him?…

Have fun with Cupid. With love from proper facebook etiquette x

5 Responses to “#232 It is Valentines Day”

  1. Peachy says:

    I got five Vals yesterday and my fellow does not appreciate it! Nothing from him so I’m going to dump the looser and play around for a while.

  2. /agnes says:

    I’ve just been to NY fashion week. Mostly those in the industry are bitchy and nasty. Is there any way to use Facebook to make out a friendlier side?

  3. Marcie says:

    Officially hate SNS. Caught my bloke (he should log out) sending Valentine greetings to his ex (of 2 years). Nothing for resident GF! An dumping tonight and moving my stuff out – look out parents I’m coming back. Just a warning to all you ladies out there :)

  4. Anna says:

    I would like to ask your opinion. Here in Hania a school pupil commented about her principal – “I hate the principal at Chrysopigi” – on Facebook and she was told to leave the school. The Hania school inspector, Nikos Vestakis, said that the school should have invited the pupil and her parents for talks and not expelled her. What would happen in the UK?

  5. bruno says:

    I´m one of those who forgot to send a valentine to my girlfriend. should I send a Facebook instead?

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