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#234 OPPS put out to three chicks

Thursday 18th February, 2010

Dear Mariann,

OPPS put out to three chicks and somehow they found my different SNSs accounts !!!! Shame on me I know BUT you ladies like the exclusive thing – US guys need to put it about

(From JoMeek & JoMan (apparently) in reply to the post Caught my bloke)

First, Mr Meek/Man, whatever you are to call yourself, take note, carelessness on your part will only cause you pain. Others possibly yes, but due to the nature of your dalliance let us concentrate on your lack of social network propriety. No, rather a lack of overall social intelligence.

It is not surprising that you are finding juggling more than social network difficult when you cannot even decide on one name.  So what better way to turn in the future, but that old favourite re. human relations, although fascinating at the best of times (well it serves me well ‘here’) these are also ‘real’ people with ‘real’ feelings and lives. And whilst you reflect on your desire to ‘put it about a bit’, not since the days of school time banter have such actions been so poorly employed. You fail to mention HOW you were ‘found out’, but if your technique is as bad as your unruly attitude then I am hardly surprised. Quotes ‘chicks’, indeed.

Well my little chickadee, it seems it is you who has performed you last cluck (ryhmes with **** if you get my drift).  Take heed, the social dynamics of networks need not be so ‘its complicated’, rather they are rich in loose ends, tight knots and suscpetible to fraying if not maintained in the correct manner. To you Mr Meek/Man (meek man?) stop acting the leach. Better to back off. Leave the chicks alone and the hopeless/inadequate thrashing around for (sexual) attention and start instead to plan for either a better modus operandi, or simply delete your account/s altogether.

I cannot bathe in your stupidity any longer.

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