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#238 Clubbing on Facebook

Thursday 4th March, 2010

Dear Mariann,
I run an exclusive club in London. Any suggestions on how we can push our marketing on Facebook? You seem to know your stuff. Free entry.
(From Clubbed, in reply to the post #237 Shamed by some of my updates)

‘Clubbed’, charmed I’m sure. Thank-you for your invitation, but I feel I must decline your kind gesture, having already promised to devote all my free time to gentleman in castle towers poring over calfskin copies of Dickens. Tremendous thought that you think I ought to be so ‘exclusively’ ‘out and about’. But you see I have towers to climb and can’t possibly be seen greasing my tongue and ending up in the gutter/s of exclusivity.

You are more than welcome to use my invite to spend money on a round of drinks at your exclusive venue. I suppose that your clientele (and I) could forgive your over-presumptuousness and attempts at SPAM marketing – probably.

4 Responses to “#238 Clubbing on Facebook”

  1. Lordlinson says:

    I have frisked with a young lacky at work. She has suggested we become Facebook friends by way of furthering our relationship. What I would prefer is her at my beck and call, rather than the other way around. Perhaps you could suggest a suitable friending remedy?

  2. teawithtoast says:

    do you take toast with your tea? Or tea with your toast? It’s a dilemma that had my friends and I fixated on our Facebook status for days now.

  3. Lawyer says:

    Mariann, i’ve a client who uses fb for ‘business’. One of her ‘friends’ is also a well known person in the public eye. I have recommended that she does not have any contact with him on the site. I would welcome your informed experience and depth of knowledge.

  4. Atkin says:

    Any tips on how to attract a beautiful woman on Facebook? I’m not desperate, just have needs. Like crisps.

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