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#249 Facebook being patronising

Sunday 11th April, 2010

Dear Mariann,

Is Facebook being patronising in putting out that we should vote? Come on leave me alone I don’t want big daddy Facebook telling me this sort of thing!!!!

(From Brown (and Anon) in reply to post #248 Pc Plod says)

Brown, am I to take it that you refer to That particular rogue and Labour orientated shade of Brown? Bar the imposing numerical 10 tagged to your comment I am taking it as gibbons (yes those nice furry apes) that one can safely assume a ‘Yes’. Unless this is a humour’d banality to promote a piqued and fervent interest in politics by facebooketiquetter’s.  Either way, a worthy topic – hence my reply.

It is a shame that for all the Ms Pankhurst’s of the world and their efforts to ‘get the vote’ in the first place, too easily there is a ‘voting lethergy’ – or just bloody idleness (bloody-mindedness I can relate to, idleness, meh).  I should confess that on the past two occasions of the vote there hasn’t transpired an enthusiastic gripping of pen to ballot paper this side of things either, but there is a recognition that this does represent something important. Or at least it did until things got a bit too Twitter and Facebook friendly. Did you know that you can Follow the PM? and wifey?  There, that’s made you day hasn’t it. You are bound to notify the country on May 6th of your political leanings now aren’t you?

Facebook as ‘big daddy’? Well don’t cry about it. You could simply refuse to log in until after the generality of all General Elections.  What do you mean you need to ‘check your updates’? As if they’d be any. It’s not like you’re enjoying a salacious and intimate exchange that requires your fully turned on attentions is it?

No, your dilemma is quite simple to get over. Don’t log in. I imagine then you won’t vote either. But then no-one else will be dashing to the polls on Facebook’s say so. Maybe if Brown were to directly message and friend everyone then… Or if we could vote for…

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