Proper Facebook Etiquette

#252 I’ve used Facebook to tell everyone I’m stuck in Italy

Sunday 18th April, 2010

Dear Mariann,

I’ve used Facebook to tell everyone I’m stuck in Italy as no UK flights. A nice person has found me a place to stay who is a friend of a friend – the power of Facebook!

Easter was here. Which meant two bank holiday’s and, accordingly, ‘travel chaos’. But who knew that there would be further eruptions come the final week?  Facebook friends who are stuck like Stonk (great name btw) legitimate a little Status Update watching. Sure it’s frustrating, but everyone’s in the same boat (and literally if this is a Cunard’s ferry).
So thanks to a champion of Updates, including ‘stuck in Mallorca, thankfully it’s Rioja o’clock’ it’s been delightfully easy to categorise where friends are and how they’re doing. Other friends held up in Barcelona simply posted ‘horrific‘ – ‘nough said.
Incidently luck, like a Status Update, can change by the hour.  So there’s another friend whose update read ‘Stuck in Heathrow. Saw someone with a Crunchie bar a while back. Now they’ve disappeared, but their Crunchie is still here…’ I have an image in my head of either their height of restraint. Or a new mystery: ‘The Case of the Missing Youth with added Crunch’.
Stonk, I’m pleased you’re safe and OK.  More power to the networks the willingness of people to help out where they can.  I’ve also had the pleasure of being stuck in Italy and I must say it made for a thoroughly grand time. BUT with Status Updates things can go embarrassing wrong if you do not pay enough attention to the warning signs. Take this update on Thursday morning (from a friend of a friend of a friend…) ‘Stuck in Helsinki. My wife is going to kill me. My Mistress is going to kill me. My girlfriend has dumped me.’ Best to reflect on the whom will be reading what you type before you press send. After all, it could end up on a blog.

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