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#254 Icelandic adventures

Monday 19th April, 2010

Dear Mariann,

Friend’s are returning from Spain this week.  I’ve been following their progress with Facebook.  Being good friends we have been commenting on their updates and have even managed to get them together with other friends who have been stuck in France.  What did we do before Facebook?

(From Giles and Clare, quite randomly via Twitter)

First congratulations on your savvy networking. And I make it a matter of principle to never travel anywhere without my Facebook.  I should think that your friends are looking forward to a warm welcome home.  And, whilst I’m sure that your attentions have been suitably transfixed at their progress, gosh think how stressful it must have been juggling Facebook updates with a suitable escape routage. This is to be applauded.

Indeed, what did we do before Facebook?…

I recall how on one particular jaunt around the coast of Turkey, the relief at not being so connected.  You gain a greater appreciation of the locales, the surrounding country and can stride into the foreignness of being happily lost amid a different culture and set of social attentions.  Had I been on that same visit this time around, my first mode of defence would be a shout for help on Facebook.  First to alert various people’s of ‘where I am’ – as opposed to the ‘what I’m doing’ for once, and, second, to benefit from the generosity and ingenuity of friends who – like yourselves – are quick on the button of help.

Now there are some who are critical of those who can’t disconnect and always have take various vestiges of technology around with them. And to some extent I do agree, there are times when switching to Off really is quite beneficial.  But, like you I also have friends stuck in Spain and without the support of constant updates, well things would be a darn sight harder to coordinate.  Although their sons are delighted that they have avoided being back at school and see the whole thing as a bit of an adventure.

In terms of a necessary holiday or trip away companion, there are many over the w/e who will credit some semblance of order being channelled via Facebook and other social networks.  Which just goes to show that each Status Update, each comment, each Wall post, reveals something, and could lead you out of a hard place and back home again. Isn’t technology just delightful.

7 Responses to “#254 Icelandic adventures”

  1. What says:

    Twitter is over capacity.
    Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.

  2. Myth says:

    Is the new like button the same the become a fan option? Is Facebook Credits simply a way to male money?

  3. Mark says:

    I like to compartmentalise my web activities but this has just got harder with Open Graph A step too far Facebook and just to please the ad people

  4. Mookie says:

    I fancy my tutor – should I post this on his wall or just poke. have a one-to-one next week and am going to wear something short and low

  5. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    @Francine and Hoover, hmm similar situations here. I’ll be replying to your requests very soon. Meantime, sit tight, don’t press send yet!

  6. Hoover says:

    Marianna, I’m completely blocked. How do I improve my situation? You’ve adivised before not to worry if friends don’t get back to you. But what if they never get back to you? How do I get to have my say?

  7. Francine says:

    Marion, why hasn’t he called me! it’s just not fair.

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