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#855 Low and short

Friday 23rd April, 2010

Dear Mariann,

– should I post this on his wall or just poke. have a one-to-one next week and am going to wear something short and low.
(From Mookie in reply to post #254 Icelandic adventures)

Low AND short? Gosh, careful there isn’t heart-failure during your one-to-one. Do be prepared for a mouth-to-mouth situation. It does sound as though you have things fantastically in hand. Perhaps your low and short approach is a policy that our political chums should adopt to encourage education, education, education.

Regarding contacting your tutor on Facebook, don’t be surprised if they don’t Poke back. If you have identified your tutor as ‘hot’, I’m sure others are equally enthused by their profile.  Recall as well the ability of the web to record everything. Poke now, and repent at leisure (I MUST take my own advice on this one).  Otherwise devise a Group Page sans Facebook add a LIKE button and share your opinions on your tutelage.  Perhaps this could be pushed as a ‘study group’ – after all, you do not need to be explicit about what you are studying. And at this stage of the game anything that makes the exam season a little more scintillating is alright with me. Study on.

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  1. Trollop says:

    LOL exams might need to seduce lecturer so thanks for hints.

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