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Sunday 2nd May, 2010

Dear Mariann,

is it cool or not to put up how i will vote?

(From Anon in reply to post #256 Completely blocked)

It depends. Politics is (They would have you know) a very complicated game. One moment you’re In because of the cut of your Gib, the next you’re Out and  just because you called one of your ‘lifetime supporter’s’ a ‘bigot’.
How tiresome.
re. Status updates and voting patterns. A host of nuanced nuances needs to be considered. Is your intention to deliberately preach at others?  Or to turn friends heads at your voting behaviour? The risk here is that,
1. you appear ‘too conventional’ or,
2. are being deliberately controversial for the sake of controversy.
A better query would be to ponder whether the elect will be stating their voting preference. I suspect there may be a far crack of the (backbench) whip from some quarters as others quickly sprint off.
Should yours be more a case of the undecided, then here’s a solution with Once quizzed and categorised you can re do the questions and come out with who you were going to vote for all along.
On the whole though, as long as you’re happy with your ballot, I’d post who I’d vote for and go along with it. There’s already wolves amid the rabbits after all.

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