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#858 affair starter

Monday 3rd May, 2010

Dear Mariann,
The manger at work has made it clear she would like to start an affair by flirting with me on …
(From Anonymous in reply to post #256 Completely blocked)
It seems they’re calling orders on discretion.  I’m loving the obscurity of your dilemma, ‘to start an affair…on….’ on what: a table, the pavement, a park bench? on where: Facebook, iPhone, laptop? on top?
It was inevitable that Facebook was going to facilitate people getting together.  And so the site can also accommodate extra management by, err, some management.  Don’t be deluded by the ellipsis (that’s the … to you and I), those little dots hint at something extra… But is this a welcome extra? dot, dot, dot?
You know I had a manager once, and whilst at the office Christmas do I was offered the chance to climb the vocational ladder by going on vacation.  Not one to take a potshot at wild baboons (for he looked like one) I declined his kind intimations stating, ‘if I wanted to get a sense of what it might be like to go on safari, I’d prefer to go with someone who wouldn’t stand a chance of getting caught in the cross fire’ – such was the baboon boss. I did , however, have praise for baboon boss on his best impression of something near human all the while he was making his ‘proposition’.

Such declines, however, will no doubt dent your managers self-worth, and only take the above course of action if you’re assured of a swift and safe passage outta there(!)  It’s not exactly a course of action for goal-hanging popularity.  In fact, it could be a career write-off.

There are those that would accuse your manager of being ‘morally and completely indefensible’; equally there are also those who would champion such an opportunity (see MadMen/Samantha Sex and the City). There’s always a back story. Which represents, you know, a good set of (potential) points to hang some flirtations on.

Equally such propositions can be career enhancing. Recently I had a friend who revealed they owed their whole promotional thrust to ‘one night, when I was working with my manager who asked me to take a picture of her naked and spreadeagled’. I politely enquired as to what happened to the picture. So it seems some images ended up on Facebook. She got fired, and he got her job.

Arooga! Mix and blend. And always have your camera on you.

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    I worried – should I change my status to not elected if I loose my seat on Thursday :)

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