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#859 not elected

Wednesday 5th May, 2010

Dear Marinn,
I worried – should I change my status to not elected if I loose my seat on Thursday :)
(From MP in reply to post #258 affair starter)
An interesting contribution to our current political debates in the UK. I await with baited breath for overenthusiastic interest in you political status, as it appears from most quarters that people simply do not care.  Current political analysis suggests that any updates to the contrary regarding your (re(?))-election and you’ll find a decrease in your seat by, say, at least 31.6%.
But, then at least you’ll be well hung.
Incidently come Thursday afternoon, unless you can be overheard by the neighbours, others in the office, parliament etc.  may I suggest that you will find it more relaxing to retreat away from your seat and launch into some well rehearsed political spin. Something like, ‘Now is not the time for a Facebook, for I feel the pendulum of change being swung in my direction’.  Perhaps a lackay could coordinate what it is that you MPs ‘do‘.  I hear there’s a Twitter spokesman at No.10 for just this very job.
Otherwise, may  I suggest that there is much to be gained from some grammatical revisions. ‘I worried’, yes, well I would be to if that were my grasp of the English language. And despite this,  I worried that you will hold onto your seat. Although I appreciate the comment, it is always fascinating to glean such insights into the wild and tangled world of political showmanship. A word to the wise, MP: I would check out precisely how open your Facebook Profile is, and what you have been posting in case any nasty surprises lurk that could further knock you off your seat. Meantime, perhaps a change of status to ‘it’s complicated’ could cover all eventualities.

4 Responses to “#859 not elected”

  1. Cleggie says:

    Who is in my network – Brown – Cameron??? I am I double timing? Going to be dirty this weekend!!!!!

  2. NY says:

    How can I keep Facebook small and containable. I’m friends with the girlfriend, another girlfriend and a FBuddy. Problem is when I’m posting to one and don’t know how far this reaches. So if I put up something on one wall will all my girls be able to see what I’m up to? Also can you vote via Facebook? And should I dump another girlfriend on Facebook?

  3. Coucil says:

    I have no recollection of the past 24hours, could you recommend hows best to nail what i’ve been up to?

  4. Stevie says:

    I get my people to manage my Facebook activities. I don’t get the thing myself but others do and it is a cheap way to reach voters. Mind you that twitter thing is tricky – hate the way other tosser put stuff up about you.

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