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#862 fierce expertise

Thursday 20th May, 2010

Dear Mariann,

I’ve noticed that on Facebook I am captivated. It is fascinating seeing friends in a whole new light. I wonder though what they make of me? I’d appreciate some of your fierce expertise.

(From John via email and a swift poke. Thanks John)

John. No worries. Despite various change in light you are going in as the favourite. Shirt up; jacket off that’s all the sharpness of image you require. Fierce?  moi? I am, in part, quite complemented by that observation. Are you saying I have the ability to set to boil various complex situations? I won’t take away from this perception. Especially as I’d rather be able to crack on with a hint of fierce than miss the mediocre hit of nail on the proverbial head.

Between you and I (and other readers, hello there btw) your notched up importance noticing the notice of friends has come up before. Should you want to join in what your friends are up to you can do worse than making out you ARE up to something. Even if you are not. Treading lightly or wearily doesn’t stand to raise gooseflesh or form an instant nerve-gathering of excitement. So if you don’t do anything, well then nothing will happen.

Should you care about any future consequences, or near embarrassed misses, then so long as you avoid all video uploads and/or related tagging, you can do what you like. Just beware of posting on Walls. The placement of text intended as an aside can be revealed as being all too distinctive when it is  across a range of newsfeeds and, as I’ve discovered, quickly recognised as a moment of diversion when you may be supposed to be doing something else.

Don’t wait in the shadows John. Equally don’t blurt out any ‘I love you’s’ or be prepared for the ‘you’ to be darkened by a Facebook shadow of unspoken ‘what if’s’ or social disquiet.

Welcome to Facebook. You are now one of us. One. Of. Us.

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  1. Pay says:

    My question is – would we pay for a site like Facebook? Been listening to the Times and how it hopes to charge. If we paid – there would be no privacy issues about data being passed on – on ads – we just buy the structure and add the connect – bit like a word processor.

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