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#867 Big Head

Tuesday 15th June, 2010

Dear Mariann,

I will be traveling to Ascot for Ladies Day. One of our party has a big head. I have told her that there is  no point her wearing a hat, but I would be grateful if you could enlighten me as to what would be a more appropriate headgear and how we should update our Facebook status. Hats on; or off?

From Sally via Twitter – t(S)ally ho!

Well dahling an Ascot hat is a must do surely? Regardless of circumference of head (is this to what you refer or are there more physical proportions involved?) Hats can be purchased from the more chez res milliners, but perhaps your circumference friend would do best to make her own.

Purchase her some netting, some feathers and perhaps some glue. Then measure the real circumference of her head and fit precisely around her headed dimensions the precise amount of netting and feathers of as to make her look less big head and more wild. More is more, is more in this case.

In light of our most recent games, perhaps you could suggest a suitable theme for Ladies Days activities – the aim, to detract from her head – maybe a football theme, cut in half they make a rather good accompaniment to any head and can double as a suitable champagne carafe should you need.

Regarding your Facebook status; the smart set will be carrying out a photo-ready series of images containing highly hatted encounters between those rather nice suited chaps and those other larger headed ladies.

4 Responses to “#867 Big Head”

  1. Quest says:

    Is it true that I can upload videos directly to Facebook from the iPhone?

  2. Wedding says:

    Is it right to put up a new profile when one gets a new name after being married? I’m think of this so that i could keep two lots of groups on Facebook a sort of old single one and new sensible married one

  3. Jane says:

    Is this comment thing working? I put one on but it seems not to be there?

  4. Likejacking says:

    I’ve been hit by likejacking. I clicking a link in the News Feed named “101 hottest women in the world” – well guys do this.Taken to Jessica Alba’s (hot) web page. But this automatically be posted to my Facebook profile telling friends that I “like” that story, so other people will to click on the link. Hackers can grab your click wherever you click on the webpage.Don’t go there people!!!!!

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