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#868 Wedding status

Sunday 20th June, 2010

Dear Mariann

Is it right to put up a new profile when one gets a new name after being married? I’m think of this so that i could keep two lots of groups on Facebook a sort of old single one and new sensible married one.

From Wedding in reply to post #267 Big Head.

How refreshing the Mr and Mrs scene is these days. You kids. There you are getting married and yet still retaining some semblance of singularity through a Facebook Profile. Which begs the question, if this is the case, why, then, get married at all? Should there be an update to the wedding vows? Composed of, ‘I promise to love, honor and obey and to update my Facebook Status accordingly’.

Perhaps no. I don’t think I can stand vulgarity. A seasoned wedding goer myself, I’ve just returned from such a jaunt myself – a Scottish Highlands affair, all castles and windswept loftiness. And that was just the bed mans hair *sigh*. Come the ‘does anyone have any reason moment’ no mention was made of any kind of indiscretion on Facebook or otherwise. Jolly good really as in a John Cleese Clockwise inspired manner the vicar showed up later than the Brooms (it was a gay wedding, stay with it folks) and we were all rather parched for our Pimms o’clock.

On reflection of your query, I would have thought that your other half would already have cause for concern that despite your impending nuptials you are still showing as SINGLE on your status. A last cry for singledom? Or are you suitably out of the loop with regard to your Facebook network? Perhaps yours has been a Jordan/Katie Price/Renee Zellweger whirlwind romance and you’ve only just met. Might I suggest then, that ‘It’s Complicated‘ would cover all manner of ‘are they?’; ‘will they?’ commentary.

I can quite understand your worries. Being footloose and free to fancy myself one is want to hold onto a voracious sex appeal. My impression, informed by that most reliable of hosts television and film and those high-brow celeb magazines, is that post-marriage things decline into a subterfuge of separation, anxiety, dissipation of sexual energy until finally one of you bumps one of the other off. Enter Ms Marpel.

Unless your fiancée‘ has directly proposition the static-ness of your Facebook Profile ‘Hey what the F***! I thought you were mine to love, honor and obey’; then I would save the ‘Oh, how old-fashioned of you, let’s have an open-Facebook-relationship‘ discussion for another time. Maybe post Pimms and register signing. This being 2010 and all, be prepared on your day for someone to tag unflattering photos revealing you taking part in all manner red-faced acts, or your to-be having a similar ‘fun-side’ and keeping their own status as Single.

Then you might want to change your Privacy Settings at least.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Out that LibDem minister and do us all a favour

  2. John says:

    End of Uni and back home next week. Trouble is I need to keep the myth that I have a great job to go to – I don’t – unpaid intern. Everyone seems to have done better than me, I think I want to avoid stigma. Should I lie or will I get found out?

  3. Betty says:

    Well OK but what if you are the mistress of a married guy in the public eye? All your friends think you are single – but you are not! Would a status change make waves? Could I resist the pressure to say who it is? It has nearly come out as a photo of us was tagged but this only happened a couple of times. Is it harder to be a mistress now?

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