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#869 Married guy in the public eye

Tuesday 22nd June, 2010

Dear Mariann,
Well OK but what if you are the mistress of a married guy in the public eye? All your friends think you are single – but you are not! Would a status change make waves? Could I resist the pressure to say who it is? It has nearly come out as a photo of us was tagged but this only happened a couple of times. Is it harder to be a mistress now?

From Betty in re-reply to posts #268 Wedding Status and #267 Big Head concurrently.

Betty, my what a charmed life. Public eye hey. Don’t worry they (those with in the public with the eye) are all far too distracted watching England’s footwork around the World Cup. If your skirts have been (already) early caught between the hinges of friends a Status Update today or, even better, sometime during the England match tomorrow could pay dividends. After all no-one’s going to be too interested in whatever private person you are a mistress to once England get to meet France…

…at the airport.

Once the country has gone into mourning and there’s all those un/necessary status updates regarding the boys scoreline no-one’s going to be that interested in yours. As for ‘resisting the pressure’ to ‘say who it is’; well that depends. He is an affable chap, or more the morose shifty type. I know how these strange fancyings can come about. One moment you have your heart and mind set on Mr Appropriate, and the next thing you find yourself waking up next to Mr I-really-couldn’t-give-a-dam-please-iron-my-shirt.

Well, at the risk of things getting all rather pointless, let me reiterate that political correctness is no bad thing. There seems to be a cult of expose’ and crass meanderings bought about by the likes of coked up ‘reality’ drivvle. So, yes, your friends are possibly a might interested in who you are going to bed with. Yet, do not let this go to your head, or inspire some absurdities. This is simply about how we communicate to one another and not all details need to be lived out across your social networks. Is that not the very nature of ‘affairs’ and mistress status – that this is a situation best kept between the two of you. It is worth recalling that unless you wish for the bedroom related jibes to become the staples of mainstream entertainment there is much to be gained with an air of mysteriousness.

Having said that, if he should ever make you iron, I would oust him.

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  1. H says:

    Tuna whats that about?

  2. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    Dear Anon, tbc is my answer. Although I shall be ‘appearing’ at the edbookfest

  3. Comment says:

    Mistress is not a real status – always second and always free on public holidays et when HE is with the family. Women grow up and don’t allow such men to be a GOD. Think what you are doing – never your own life. And that is not even getting into the position 0f the other women and her family. You should be found out for your own good and his.

  4. Anonymous says:

    is this available as a book? Thanks

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