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#870 unpaid intern

Thursday 24th June, 2010

Dear Mariann
End of Uni and back home next week. Trouble is I need to keep the myth that I have a great job to go to – I don’t – unpaid intern. Everyone seems to have done better than me, I think I want to avoid stigma. Should I lie or will I get found out?
From John in reply to post #268 Wedding Status

John, whilst some semblance of order in life is always preferable to absolute chaos (refer to Ozzy Osbourne if you don’t believe me) measuring yourself up against everyone elses ‘exacting’ standards is doomed (doomed! I tell ye) to failure. I myself wanted to be quite the high achiever and was always in pursuit of bettering my peers be it at exams, dissertation deadlines, or just how often I could tame the wild beasts in the surrounding wild wild woods of the university campus. Tasks one and two were fraught with as much expectation and danger as number three. Those wild beasts really had nothing on my second year three hour Romantic Poets course. There’s only so much wandering upon a host, of golden daffodils that a gal can do.

Let’s mutually class ourselves under the banner of ‘way of the worrier’ (rather than warrier you see).  Might I suggest that rather an unpaid internship you get yourself by way of the networks and spend your summer composing some suitably compelling bit of programme/software that you will sell for Zillion’s by the end of September. You can buy yourself an iPad on ‘expenses’ and work anywhere and wherever there is sun, surf and sssssomething else. You shall then be tanned and loaded. Updating your status to Facebook shall be just one of your daily tasks. By August expect to have at least one PA to do this for you.

IF the internship is really your thing; don’t point your nose to the ground. Why lie? as a chance remark can condemn your entire entreaty or worse friends of friends of friends find out (by some other way!) and you turn a rather non-descript concern into The summer’s biggest expose. In all likelihood it isn’t the case that your friends are the biggest thinker’s, funniest or most attractive people on the planet. Resist putting what they’re doing on a pedestal. All being even, they are likely to be manipulating what they are doing and their Facebook Status too.

This summer promises a heat wave. You have the chance to gain some work experiences AND make a nuisance of yourself amongst new work colleagues. Plus if/when the S*** hits the fan you’re only the ‘lacky’ and bear no responsibility for proceedings. So take off like our favourite BP man ‘in charge’ and take your yacht around the Isle of Wight for a bit. Then you’ll appear all the more mysterious as you fall off the Facebook radar…

7 Responses to “#870 unpaid intern”

  1. jeff says:

    my fiance and I are thinking of naming our date by Facebook. Is this a good idea? DO people care?!… What can I do to keep my freedom?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Facebook is evil and Christians should not use it. Check out Christian Tube – it’s a FREE site allows you to add and share Christian videos. No porn like YouTube

  3. Help says:

    I get the exam results soon and I know everyone will be posting them on Facebook. I don’t think I’ll do great and may not get into the Uni of choice. Really don’t want to see how everyone else has done but know if I keep away it will be assumed I messed up. Want to hide but know I can’t. Is there a good go away I’m my cave option on Facebook?

  4. Neil says:

    What if my girlfriend is fit in real life, but not on Facebook. Can I defriend her, but still bed her?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is the sun any excuse to post photos of bodies that are not hot?

  6. Exploited says:

    Exploited is what I am at a well known tv station. No money and no rights. I darn not say any of this on Facebook as everyone is on there and any job hopes would be killed

  7. Dug says:

    I have the same thing. Facebook makes it hard to hide as even it I don’t put my not employed status up there others will. Public school gives some room however as ex school mates are hanging about after uni at parental second homes and such. So off of Glasto and drug out!

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