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#875 American friends

Tuesday 27th July, 2010

Dear Mariann,

It has been a recent observation that my American Facebook friends have more connections than my others. Why is this so?

From Ms Bells via a Facebook message and poke. Both received with thanks.

Unless all your other friends are rude, arrogant, or contain a brainless boorishness about them I see no other reason for such a cultural distinction. Let me check my own network….

… Ms Bells you are not alone. My own Yank led connections appear visibly more connected, in addition there’s some vague sociological insights via the Huffington Post that makes the same claims ‘American’s have more friends, and not just on Facebook’.

What you have to ask yourself here is do They have more friends, or more friends? I’ve recently been asked to attend a soiree of an American friend of mine and her husband. This is very sweet of them as we’ve met only a handful of times. BUT she is a vague, self-centered and rather unpleasant sort, which rather adds a new gloss on things. It would not be the ‘done thing’ to jeopardise any connection or friendship by refusing her offer – she has a tendency to get what she wants, no hook or crook required. She has the most friends on Facebook in my network – at my last count, Lady GaGa numerical calculations were involved.

If we can classify the above observations under the heading ‘cultural differences’, then I have also read that Americans are ‘doers’, one assumes that this is compared with other nationalities who are ‘donots’. Perhaps this accounts for the sway of number-of-friends on Facebook. Or, it could simply be thus; there are more of them, so they have more friends.

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  1. Guy question says:

    GF broke up with me after two months. I ditched her number and we haven’t spoken since. I still have feelings for her and what gets me is facebook. I still check her page all the time. I want to know what you think. Delete her on facebook = petty/spiteful gesture or just moving on?

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