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#878 Holiday trouble

Monday 9th August, 2010

Dear Mariann,

A problem for you. Had bit of a fling on hol – both single – thats all. Back home and on Facebook a old college friend adds me into her friends. Nice to make contact. Imagine my anger/dismay when I find my single fling is supposed to be in a committed relationship with her!!!!!
So what should I do – if anything?

From PamA in reply to post #277 Getting tired.

Once you become (more) familiar with the ins and outs (pun and double entendre quite intended) of the ‘in a relationship’ or ‘not in a relationship’ status, then the various vestiges of strict protocol of relationship rules can be followed. The only way to be sure of another’s single status would be to message everyone in their network requesting confirmation of their singledom.  Something like ‘I see such and such is a hottie, are they single/have you seen them naked?’ would result in some revealing replies. Equally a noisy Wallpost would work just as well. Although ‘thanks for the sh*g’ might lower the tone and your reputation. But then isn’t that what holiday ‘romances’ are all about. Oh, the sand in your gusset and a dreamy journey home before the daily grind returns, and/or their other half uncovers their infidelity and tracks YOU down via Facebook. How romantic.

So, Pam, you describe ‘anger/dismay’, be that as it may you’ve clearly had fun with a good package (*cough*) holiday. I suggest that you draw a line in the sand and avoid ANY potential future run-ins via your mutual college friend. Can you imagine the Christmas party scandal potential….

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  1. Farrow says:

    After some friendship upset, I want to know what is the best way to dump a friend on Facebook. My aim is to make it hurt the most and get across just how pissed off I am.

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