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#884 Special Advisor

Thursday 2nd September, 2010

Dear Mariann,

Can’t think why some people think it is odd that my young advisor shared a room with me. As a Yorkshire person I don’t like to spend. We had a nice walk after breakfast… should I tag his photos on Facebook? Should I de-friend the Daily Mail?
From Bill Vague in reply to post #283 A Vertiable bon viveur/ slightly edited for purposes of the post.

Having been bought up in our so called ‘enlightened times’, I’m still struck how long it takes for some to adjust to the experience of being an professional on a budget. Of course your young advisor had to share room space. My, it would have been reckless otherwise. Since the various trappings of Capitalist riches are to be frowned upon, if not reigned in, then one can easily postulate that had you NOT shared a room, you would have been pitted against your young advisor for not seeking out preferential, and cost-effective, treatment.

Deliberate provocation is the specialty of the Irriguous Sheets (those less-than-broadsheets publications) and it would be infantile to lower yourself to the inappropriateness of a de-friending.  This would translate into ‘something to hide’, rather than a ‘right to reply’ and you would lose all professional footholds in the process. Equally, it would be unwise to push any other family members into the lime light.  To solve your ‘problem’ there is little to be gained in shouting about the implausibility/ludicrous touches of your story. Plenty of the Irriguous Sheet readers prefer improvisations to the facts.

Mr Vague, now that I reflect on your ‘dilemma’ I marvel at its lucidity and how accurately it portrays provincial life – a certain type of relations and a certain type of encounter that does exist. The widespread sharing of rooms among professional men is only a mere reflection of the belief that men are allowed to, nay expected to, behave maladroitly. Albeit at a professional and advisory level. Perhaps your bed wasn’t level and you required ‘advice’ on how best to lay. It would be tragically frigid of me to suggest that that you tag, or otherwise de-tag, such pictures. But you could seek revenge on the Mail and others as a vehicle for the promotion of permanently sweaty bodies in the public eye. I thank you not. For how best to handle yourself in the public eye, I propose that you become more self-effacing. Perhaps a leaf out of a certain autobiographical and A Journey entitled Primeministerial book would aid this process…

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  1. Wayne says:

    I’m a bit confused by this Facebook thing. My fans like it and I poke fit women when I get a chance. Thing is my manager says I should not use it. He says it is too complex and I should keep me activities zip up if I don’t want to read about them in the Sun. I don’t care and me mates think it is a right laugh – so why has Coleen defriended me?

  2. Sandra G says:

    Got drunk at do weekend. People keep tagging me in photos and I want then to stop. My boss and family might spot them but I don’t know if I ask this will just encourage more tagging?

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