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#886 more drunks

Thursday 9th September, 2010

Dear Mariann

Got drunk at do weekend. People keep tagging me in photos and I want then to stop. My boss and family might spot them but I don’t know if I ask this will just encourage more tagging?
From Sandra G in reply to post #284 Special Advisor

Sandra, take heed, your friends don’t care that you ‘want them to stop’. If anything this will just spur their actions on and unmask your various (hidden) talents for getting drunk at the weekend. May I suggest that you avoid getting drunk at all, then there would be no photo evidence with which your boss can encounter before your next review.

A drunkard photo is one that is likely to be unflattering and cause offense. Obviously. These, as you have found, are easy to bait friends, the proper form is to not take such photos nor to upload and tag. This is quite easily done. When you go out of an evening find venues that require a full body cavity search, scanner and absolutely no accompanying technology. Especially those ‘smart’ phones that allow for an instance upload, tag and geo-location all in one swift button press.

If you have difficulty finding such a club setting, and you might outside of aviation runways or government offices, then take a craft knife and incise a couple of cut out holes to a paper bag to fit as a line of sight when over your head. Think of the chat-up lines that you could accumulate. Everything from ‘my that’s a charming paper bag you have on your head’; to ‘you’ve got the paper bag, I’ve got the vodka, lets rendezvous on the park bench’.  See paper bags in such druankard settings are most unusual; the smart set had them donned at Ascot first don’t you know.

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