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#887 stimulus measures

Wednesday 15th September, 2010

Dear Mariann

In a bit of situation. I’ve just been introduced to the most devastatingly attractive woman. I am desperate to take her by the hand in every which way possible. I know her through friends of friends, and she has accepted my friend request on Facebook. I have a bad habit of taking things up a gear, then getting bored and taking a back seat. I’m a bit of cad like that. Is it wrong to have my wicked way and just see what happens?

From Bury (in Bury btw) via email and a tweet (ta).

Dahling, its just super that you are looking to take her by the hand – for what one can only wonder? – WHAT is it that makes you so delicious a catch? It’s all very well offering something up front, but really are you the most worthy of Facebook friends, or a bit of a sh*t? Let me remind you, contrary to all the journalistic voices, Facebook is not a digital extension of a knocking shop.  I expect that should she have an ounce of sophistication and so will be able to take on a (sensible) and balanced attitude, and, thus won’t be so seduced by your crunching through the gears habits. Reflect on this, what has attracted you to this particular lady in the first place? You may find yourself hankering for more than you initially desired. Or worst, once around the block you decide that you never want to see her again.

Promise you will not do anything daft like yours and hers names tattooed on your bum. Then six months on from now you can promise not to get engaged. And six months after that…

Just take it one Poke at a time.

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  1. In Place????? says:

    What is the etiquette about Facebook Places? I’m worried that the ability to see who is “Here Now” means that strangers could immediately put a name to a face, and come over to me or send a message that I might not welcome. Then by checking in, I’m telling people where I’m not – work or at home (if they have my address, that’s an invitation to burglars). I know about privacy settings but if a friend checks me in that information will be visible to their friends. Strangers checked in at the same place will also be able to my name and photo. Is it best etiquette simply not to use this at al?

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