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#889 Ed Miliband doesn’t have a deli but George does

Sunday 26th September, 2010

Dear Mariann, I have a new Deli and am wondering if I should make a Facebook group for it. I would invit my friends and hope to get more people to know about the shop. Do you think I should do this or would people object to using Facebook in such a commercial way?
George’s Deli

In reply to post #288 Facebook Places in the world

Pretty soon the scale of Facebook will be such that it will take over the inter-web’d world. There won’t be a space to hide as friends, workers, bosses, lovers, family and (ho!) deli’s mingle together.  This is not just friend networks, this is a landslide of communication obligations.  In about two hours time you should start getting worried about this; as the moving bottom line of what messages to give, tones to get right and propriety required to maintain a consistently business-esque outlook need to be consistent with any Facebook Group Page. There’s nothing worse than having a Group and there be no-one there to express their Fan-based ‘Like’.

Take Nando’s Facebook Group – they have 413, 326 Fans (as of 10.51GMT); compared to the Ed Miliband for Labour Leader Group – 931 Likes on this page.  SO what does this reveal? That the Facebook public prefer their chicken to their politics? And/or that Groups based around food will be ever-more compelling than some chap in a suit.

It’s at this point that you may sense a point of divergence; on the one hand a ‘The Best of George’s Deli Facebook Group’ will infuse food with fans; on the other, there’s the burden of responsibility to keep interesting things on George’s Deli Page and not look like a pompous political chaff in a suit.  I know this sounds completely bizarre, but perhaps the essence of the Group would best be captured by Georges Deli fans – as in those who take the time to come into George’s, lurch over the deli counter and cultivate particularly fertile ground for good business acumen.  You will have those customer’s who consider a Facebook Group Page complete baloney.  Equally there are those who with the right prompting will post ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ to the Group Page, and with the right strategy involve themselves with some inventive commercial practice: Best recipe posts, favourtie Georges Deli bites, best staff moment etc. etc.

It all sounds rather delicious. Can I join?

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  1. Francine says:

    I just feel like Facebook doesn’t make sense. All my friends of friends are on here, but my closest friends seem to change. So I’m making a couple of changes. First to raise the threshold to be my friend. So if I haven’t met someone face-to-face I don’t want them in my network. Also I’m not including family on my page. Does this increase my chances of more friends and good times? Or have I just cut my nose off despite my face?


  2. Tasty says:

    Yum yum and topical :)

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