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#890 sick leave

Tuesday 28th September, 2010

Dear Mariann
I emailed my manager via facebook while I was on sick leave and convalescing abroad. She mentioned it to her boss who asked her to show them the email and my facebook entries. I’m worried that there are things on facebook that are embarrassing for my manager to know. What should I do?
From WhatUp in reply to post #288 Facebook Places in the World

A convalescence is not a true sick leave unless it involves something downright disgusting and a moment that best befits looking at the (then recognition that it is you) Creature from the Deeeeeep.  At my place of work they are likely to serve your liver up coated in some cheap oil and left to feign limply at the side of the plate. NOT turning up and letting your other workers take the slack is not an option. Where you went WRONG was to email your manager. Surely putting in a call with a ‘sick voice’ would have given you more credit. Yes you can buy stuff online; make friends; make events and even keep a distance from work. HOWEVER, the reality of keeping things from the boss whilst peddling sympathetic pleas to your friends will only extract bitterness from all sides.

I’ve spent more time on Facebook than most. And those include ‘sick’ days.  More than all your friends put together. That’s an amazing backlog of medically and friendly related incidence.  And yet I remain savage in terms of my indictment of letting the boss know that you’re ‘sick’ or to be absent through Facebook. This is a no, no, NO! And shows a severe lack of social sophistication.

Damage limitation should involve the following. Step 1: re-check your Privacy settings. KEEP your manager and boss in your network – this would only cause suspicion should you suddenly defriend. Step 2: REMOVE any holiday tell-tale signs – pictures, links, Wall posts tc.  The idea is to aid in the promotion of yourself as a charming and high achieving figure – even during leisure and sick time hours. NOT that you are a claggy figure or sickly qualities comatose ‘on the beach’/sofa wherever.

Some bosses actually ask out of concern ‘how you are’? This could be an example of such a case.  Your answer, that you were unfortunate to be ill whilst away and there were no perks to proximity to sands, short shorts or emergency mojitos.  Then never again take a day off sick. Or update your Facebook status to anyone, anywhere.  Otherwise it will be goodbye, shut the door on your way out, never poke me again.

Then again Facebook’s not ‘real’ is it. You’ve got nothing to worry about. unless you’ve got a tan…

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