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#894 Romp around

Sunday 31st October, 2010

Dear Mariann,

After return from a recent trip to Las Vegas, imagine my delight when my ‘holiday companion’ – whom I met whilst out on the strip – had already friended me on Facebook. I, of course, accepted his invitation to be ‘friends’ in the social network sense and was dismayed when he posted and tagged pictures he had taken of he and me having what my parents would say to be a ‘jolly good romp’.  His post to my wall read ‘hey babe, you’d make a great Vegas gal’?  Now, upon what action should I take?…

Aki via email (from South Hants she wants me to mention, hello South Hants).

Your parents would be proud, a man pulled on the strip! Shame he had to go and spoil your romp around with posting what was yours personally to the rest of the social network, but we can pin this onto your Holiday Romance head rather than it being any evidence of a less than bright judgement. I am aware that I am writing this reply whilst Talking Heads happily chant

Psycho Killer!
Qu’est-ce que c’est?
fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better
Run run run run run run run away

Thankfully he is There and you are Here (South Hants).  As for the ‘what to do’ – well you’ve been on-a-romp with this chap so there is clearly an attraction.  How about remarking on his wall he has ‘moves that make him good entertainment’, he can decide on whether you are with wit, device, a bit of sleazy Suzy or refrain his attitude and repose to you.  This might mean a reassignment of tagged photos and something more sophisticated posted to your Wall.  Otherwise do what I (we all) do and de-tag those shameful pictures, whilst having the good sense to rebuttal with some highly unflattering ones of him and making sure that his whole network have access to your ‘special album’.

I would be more worried about your parents turns of phrase for a ‘jolly good romp’, shouldn’t they be adhering to all stereotypes and not ‘making nookie’ beyond any child-creating years?… Pack a bag. The sooner you’re bag in Vegas, the better.

illustration, all my own work dah-ling.

4 Responses to “#894 Romp around”

  1. Mark says:

    Just want to share. Mate worried in a restaurant and put up new year photos on FB. Manager checked out his stuff and sacked him because he had called in sick that might. Ok ok my advice be careful out there you don’t know who is viewing!

  2. Hen says:

    My brother has put on me wall that my best mate is migging. He wnt take it off. Should I tell on him?

  3. Tom Marlow says:

    Mariann, bit of a mystery for you, i’ve lost my ex. She’s never been on Facebook. But she’s can’t be avoiding me on purpose can she? I don’t think she really wants to be avoiding me. Any advice? Thanks

  4. Pc says:

    Watching the detectives

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