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#895 Sacking!

Wednesday 3rd November, 2010

Dear Mariann,
Just want to share. Mate worried (I assume you mean worked) in a restaurant and put up new year photos on FB. Manager checked out his stuff and sacked him because he had called in sick that night. Ok ok my advice be careful out there you don’t know who is viewing!From Mark, in reply to post #294 Romp Around.

We are all soon to be remembered for our latest faux-pas on Facebook. If the boss isn’t watching you now, s/he soon will be.  Remember the child in that movie – which name escapes me at this precise moment – who saw ‘dead people’, well on Facebook you can see ‘sacked people’.  And you’ll be able to retrieve through your networks past employers, colleagues and even friends along the way into your next position of limited power.  Until you go crazy again and before you know it you’re sacked again for an indiscretion with the bosses wife/husband/plaything.
Mark, your friends chef-ing situation reminded me of two things. First, if you want to continue in employment, then best either not to friend the boss in the first instance or to ensure some privacy protocols to limit sharing too much. And second, maybe actually do what is required of you.  If you are a chef, cook and feed the people. Even on New Years.  I’ve never had the discrediting tendency to intentionally leave other people in the lurch. New Years Eve or not.

You know, the rule on Facebook is that you always make out things are more interesting than they really are. Are you sure he was ‘sacked’ for purposefully leaving his post and not for a hair in the soup?  Also inform your mate, in these networked (and financially hard) times, the best place to find another vocation is to network on Facebook, just as the cooker timer goes off.

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  1. Liz says:

    Is it true that the Queen in on FB and how come one can’t be friends with her?

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a vampire I thin FB sucks.

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