Proper Facebook Etiquette

#896 damage limitation

Tuesday 16th November, 2010

Dear Mariann,

Agghhh! My best friend has taken photos I totally don’t like! I asked her not to put them on Facebook, but we fell out on a roadtrip, so when we got back I found out that she had put them up.  She’s let me down. And she’s took us aback. I think I’m so tired of her I should just pull back. What’s your thoughts?

(From LaurenC via email)

Holidays and road-trips are suspended like daydreams. Like friendships they’re a special sunny place that generally bob along and flout upon airs and graces of civility.  Throw in Facebook and something a little ‘unflattering’ into the mix and suddenly plumes of smoke! Things become tight. The relationship is rife!  What once was shimmering is now not platinum.

Friendships, like fairy cakes should exist only as puffs of sugary air that shimmer above the exhaustive fumes of freminies and rushed acquaintances.  Did she really put up unapproved photos?! Well for shame ! I mean that really melts the fairy cake. Road-trip-she-friend sounds like a spot that needs to be squeezed out.  But she’ll leave a scar! Imagine a friendship protocol for ‘friends’, think of her as a friend with an end, stay with gritter teeth and behind the scenes de-tag all those photos.  Damage limitation at the ready please.

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