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#900 No friend ninja

Tuesday 30th November, 2010

Dear Mariann,

I found myself sitting next to really lovely beauty last weekend. We were at the local Odeon watching some new film with samurai swords and ninjas. Leaning over at the end of the film, I left my Facebook details. Four days on and still no friend request. What did I do wrong?

From Adam via word-of-mouth.

It sums up the sense of spontaneity that during a ninja film, rather than being a dead-end you lean over, share you popcorn and ask for a friend request.  Modern times.  Ask around about what an in-person Friend Request looks like and you get some odd looks, and some even more perplexed replies.

Out on such a night as you describe above, I recently found myself similarly pressed against a potential ‘lovely’ – this time a dashing chap all breeches and motorbike.  A Friend Request in my instance would have been a highly misjudged endeavor.  Can you imagine, as he donned leathers and mounted his metallic speedway, that I would then run in front of his wheels and yell out ‘Hello! I’m on Facebook!’  Well dur. Aside from stating the obvious this sounds rather reckless and a lot feckless.

Film, romance, ninjas and a Friend Request? The associations and overtones are all wrong. I do think that if you stayed with social convention, you know went over and introduced yourself with a shake of the hand and made a witty observation about samurai swords and the size of… you might be in the pub mutually raising a small glass and passing comment on special FX.

Surely the only people who pick up via a Friend Request are best less to talent/less bookers for reality television shows…

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