Proper Facebook Etiquette

#901 student gripe

Thursday 9th December, 2010

Dear Mariann,

I am in my final year at college and wanting to work hard to go onto university, but my peers are constantly complaining about the rise in tuition fees. I have already joined the pages of my university of choice on Facebook and because I think that the fees are a fair deal I have come in for all kinds of abuse.  What is the correct etiquette in order to extricate myself from the inevitable debates – I’m the one they love to hate – and  I do not want to get a bad rep before I start uni in 2012.

From Anon via Facebook, and a Friend Request hastily removed – Anon wants to remain ‘anon’.

On receivership of your next abusive incoming you could claim all manner of anti-social notification.  Just because some such ‘stuff’ appears on Facebook does not mean that you are required to reply.  And presently you must be the most ‘popular’ young person in all of Facebook if you are willing to stand up and say that you agree to the latest political wranglings from our ‘friends’ behind the door of Number 10.  Today is the vote, so I recommend blinkers and mittens over your hands to avoid any temptation to log into Facebook and to deal with the incoming. Which is likely to be substantial.  One happy by-product of this course of action is that you will remain warm and not be distracted by scary occurrences immediately to the left and right of you.

On reflection, you know I had a friend of a friend who took a similar stance the first time around in the early 2000s with tuition fees.  They now have three university aged children and are quite keen to do a reverse turn on their point of view, which just goes to show how careful you need to be.

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