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#903 had a chat with some oiks

Tuesday 14th December, 2010

Dear Mariann,
One was off to the theatre in one’s motor when we was set upon by an unruly mob. I got my man to say I’d unfriend them all. That did the trick and I think they went off to TopShop. Must have been a sale of some sort of thing what they don’t have down Bond Street. Should I update me profile with ‘had a chat with some oiks’?

From Charlie in reply to post #302 We’ve got mice!

Dearest Charles, lovely to hear from you! What an enjoyable dilemma. Would you mind if I called you that, your pretension drips through your comment, and you appear much more a ‘Charles’ than a ‘Charlie’, such is my liquid hunch.

Chaos does reign when one takes ‘one’s motor out’, especially if your driver seeks to divert away from the relative safety of the Bond Street run. When last I was in the city I had the rather good fortune to avoid the TopShop riff raff as that Ms Moss was threatening an appearance and quite frankly she gets my goat. I’m glad you have a chap to unfriend, I feel all overcome by such digital prospects such as yours, because I have to do all my defriending at the click of buttons by myself.

Certainly it was some such ‘famey’ person/a who said that ‘the first thing a friend needs is another man to fall about with’. You see you cannot defriend unless you are already friended. Aside such social ordering, something else appears more afoot here: You might more efficiently experience some such friendships if you actually got out of your motor vehicle and then you can gaze in up close disbelief at the close-copped mob of the general unwashed. Having said that, a Friend Request to another Charlie… should pay dividends as he is of fine social standing and society. Much more your type of thing.

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  1. AyLam says:

    I made a best friend in Facebook but this has upset my other friends. We are all from China at college in England and in our culture it is bad to be treated differently in a small group. I have said that it was a simple mistake but some friends say that everyone can see that they are not the best. What should I do?

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