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#907 Facebook home

Saturday 1st January, 2011

Dear Mariann,
Washed up in this place and have tried to find my friends on facebook but no one is there. My friend Elliott said I should not put a photo on my profile page. I want to phone home and thought instead I could facebook home – so far no luck.
From Anon in reply to post #306 Simply not the best

Anon, have by chance there been too many Roses on your Quality Street over Xmas and New Years?  I suspect murky offerings from your friend Elliot, for, why not phone home? Extortionate charges? Too many interruptions? Be first to the one’s you love with a swift poking.  *imagines extended finger pointing toward the sky*

We all have aliens in our closets, plus all those things we love and hate. For the sake of your friendly sanity shack up with a young blonde. Don’t open the door to any Government types. Finally, learn how to ride a bike.

Yours is a story to tell. Phone Facebook home.

2 Responses to “#907 Facebook home”

  1. Dr Mariann Hardey says:

    Thrilled for you Laura. More from me regarding Dolly soon. Just as soon as I’ve scoped out that nice young chap for myself…

  2. Laura Jesson says:

    Met a golly nice chap at a railway station refreshment room. We had tea. My friend Dolly can an joined us. She chattering away but I wanted to talk to Alec. His train came. I think I’ll unfriend Dolly.

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