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#909 OMG! nuff said yeah?

Thursday 6th January, 2011

Dear Mariann Oi!

Lor’ luv a duck! So put me baby photos on me FB page. Wen’ down da stairs ter da pub. Got back an me baby looked different. Know what I mean? Should I change me photos awer change me baby. Nuff said, yeah?
From OMG in reply to post #308 I’ll unfriend Dolly

Lordy, where to begin. I’m not entirely sure that all my faculties are up to this.  Let’s see now. You have some dispensary to duck love. Does this extend to all farmyard animals or only those from our feathered friends? What about those of us wearing feather bowers – as I’m quite partial to do, you know for those special occasions like making toast, cleaning out the grill from all those crusty bits, emptying the washing the machine and so forth.

So we go from a predilection to ducks onto your baby photos. Were these with a duck in the shot too? Hang about, after a re-read, NOT your baby photo’s, but photograph’s of your baby. How divine.

Well really if you can’t keep track of who’s baby is who’s let alone where you duck is I would suggest a change of pub and/or baby. ‘Nuff said. You know the beeb (BBC) has an interesting take on this over in the Eastend/ers. They’ve come under all sorts of criticism – too much time in the pub? And who says soap life isn’t real life?…

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