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#910 on top of each other

Saturday 8th January, 2011

Dear Mariann,
I began my new year with a layering of murky relatives out in the wilds of the Cotswolds. Full of wobbly pasta and blinis we assembled on top of each other with a game of Twister and other inappropriately paired gamey instances. Thing is now new year in there’s lots of new chum requests. Mostly unwelcome. Does one ignore? Send a stinking reply? Or something else?
From Mr Independent via email and no Friend Request.

Do you have “deluded chump” tattooed on your large and shiny forehead, or is your associated charm just written in disappearing/reappearing ink that hides and returns depending on the midnight/Twister hour? I suggest that for the sake of your long-term familial-Facebook-friend health that you would be better off to shack up with a/nother mutt. No-one really wants to Friend Request you. It was a mere slip of the keyboard as the hour struck the witching o’clock and bets were placed as to whom you would friend and when.  Their ‘revenge’ for your wobbly pasta bits crushing them at Twister I suspect.

Most unwelcome indeed.

4 Responses to “#910 on top of each other”

  1. Nancy says:

    I am a big fan of your Royal Family. Do you know how find Kate Middleton on Facebook? I want to friend her and maybe get an invitation to the wedding as I could come over for a visit. Will you be going? Is she also on Twitter or do the Royals have their own private thing?

  2. John says:

    Do you have an opinion about using my Facebook ID to sign up on other sites? For example I can sign in to Zagat with Facebook or just do it the old way? Which is best and is there any issues that might make a difference?

  3. Is this true? says:

    I it true about Facebook – why ?

    What do we use instead?

  4. Worried says:

    Is it true that Facebook is shutting down on March 2011? I have read the CNN story that the said Goldman Sachs had predicted the “beginning of the end” for Facebook. How do I move my networks and where too?

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