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#912 just do it the old way

Wednesday 12th January, 2011

Dear Mariann
Do you have an opinion about using my Facebook ID to sign up on other sites? For example I can sign in to Zagat with Facebook or just do it the old way? Which is best and is there any issues that might make a difference?
From John in reply to post #310 on top of each other. We weren’t it was just the name of the post!

Hello John, no opinion whatsoever. Carry on.

Oh, go on then, if you insist: I realise that committing to one site is to leave aside the other potential two million social playgrounds and risk the wrath of all those other things that you could be doing on Facebook time.  Zagat I find to be a centre-piece recreation of the best of the best in terms of foodie and eating delights. So why wouldn’t you want to sign simultaneously and aid in their rather excellent PR.

Issues? Yes.  This raises inevitable awareness of what you’re doing, as you’re doing it; your tastes – acquired and otherwise.  Be careful who you seek to mention and why. There are ramifications, and Gordan can’t afford any more hair plugs just now. For example, if you update a trip outing to say The Savoy, then you’re either saying, ‘look at me (!) I’m not mediocre. I’m telling everyone about The Savoy’. Equally, you’re mediocre you’re going to the Savoy. And you look like a PR suck up.  Or a free advertisement.

By definition, I prefer the old fashioned way of sign-up and telling everyone what I’m doing: With plenty of notice in advance, invitations out and RSVP’d and then a last minute fail to turn up on time and act quelle surprise when there’s a crowd of friends waiting. Irritated. The only person who really pays any attention to incorporated Zagat or other applications (now I sound like an advertisement) are those who like to navel gaze, or are more likely to look at their reflection when driving to change gear.

The reason that I know such sensibilities exist is because I am the worse for pushing noisy updates to my network/s (sorry).  The whole business of propelling a ton of friend/ly information is exhausting as much as it is exhaustive.  Faster than a speeding hamster locked in a plastic ball with Jeremy Clarkson, updates arrive in a flurry of frenzied activity. Usually right when everyone else is asleep or likely to be doing something far more interesting.

Follow my example. Don’t let that stop you.

Let’s face it, it’s not a security or privacy issues that you’re really concerned with. It’s the missing out. Aren’t we all terrified that no-one will know what we’re doing. Or worst. That no-one will care?…

Ask yourself: are you better than average to eat, drink, stay and play? Do you think you’re more intuitive? Do you have an especially fine sense of refinement and devilish tastes? Are you of a particularly astute judge of any wine list? If you answered yes to all of these things, then you’re just above average, as we all think we’re brilliant at all of them. And there’s an iPhone app for that.

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  1. basket case says:

    So an older friend just posted on my wall “I am 51 and enjoying the best sex of my life with my husband of 21 years!”

    Will she see it as a slight if I delete it?

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