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#913 worst wall post

Friday 14th January, 2011

Dear Mariann

So an older friend just posted on my wall “I am 51 and enjoying the best sex of my life with my husband of 21 years!” Will she see it as a slight if I delete it?

From basket case in reply to post #312 Just do it the old way. Which apparently they do, do.

Nothing is as instantly uncomfortable or hateable as the revelation of a friend who claims, ‘I’m having the best sex of my life‘. Worse, when via status updates. I mean really, OVER (it) share.  Add to this the extra dimension of age and length of espousal interest.  Absolutely nothing against age, or time in general, just that it is the height of vulgarity to mention both in the same flush of lust as ‘husband’ and ‘years’!

Delete it? This doesn’t go far enough.

Find some articularly large, loose lipped crowd of a free disposition and have them take your friend for a night of Sex in the City.   Clearly a little bit of voyeurism is what she craves.  I wonder if her husband knows of her update?  Poor man. Blessed are the meek, or something like that.

There is a rather pathetic character scenario that your 51years friend has raised, and appears as a halo of cliché that shines down the centre of your Facebook page. It isn’t just that this is a personal intrusion of astronomical (keyboard) type. It’s a sad soulless scenario. With her bad taste update and self-congratulatory tone, she has made herself into a source for ridicule and unconditional pity for the husband.

They was a time when humans could be passionate and impulsive, now it’s all ‘wait a minute under the duvet, darling, I simply must write on my Facebook‘.  Well Jilly Cooper never did have the rich and sexily fleshy country folk doing that.  They were too busy really poking one another, to even consider logging in and posting to a Wall.  Gosh, as different as enraptured relations could ever be. So turn ON the light, and regard with disdain this woman with a watery eye, for her actions might represent the next 21 years of your marriage.  *sob*.

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  1. Help says:

    My HoD has just let slip he has checked out my Facebook post where I went on about a fit guy at the gym. BUT I have been flirting with him for months (he is the boss-and married-and not attractive – bit fat and old). What should I do? Give up on gym man (has live in GF) by putting up some other comment? Hope no wives or GFs use Facebook!

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