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#915 Ashame about the name

Saturday 15th January, 2011

Dear Mariann,
AWFUL! After years of trying and careful planning I have had a baby girl. By naming her Nigella, I had hoped that our new baby would not be faced with any social stigma and perhaps be blessed with a decent cleavage in due course. I was distressed, however, to find that my husband in a moment of Facebook drunkardness had set up a Profile Page under ‘Nigel’. Relatives now think that Nigella has had a sex change and that I am (already) and irresponsible parent. Should I delete Nigel/la’s page – she already has over 300 friends – or perhaps have her birth certificate changed in the hope of a new naming trend?
From Pace blu in reply to post #314 Crown on Facebook.

Oh darn, there is nothing worse than discovering that one’s offspring’s carefully directed life path has become muddied by some kind of tom-foolery and careless, if ill-conceived, actions.  To safeguard this risk little Nigel/la should have been bestowed with at least three hyphenated names.  Perhaps ‘Nigel’ on Facebook can become Nigella-Nigel-Nig in a bid to avoid such obvious gender calamities.  Just think she’ll be the most known kid in school and a hoot come tongue twister games. Oh, what fun!

It seems a shame to release Nig (see how easy it slips off the tongue) from her bounty of  300 Facebook friends, although as I recall I am sure that Facebook has various safeguards in place to prevent any below the age of 12years setting up a Facebook account. Of course, your husband has cleverly out maneuvered this bit of legislation by setting up the account himself. Clever.

Why not resort to what the very up and coming trendy parent is doing and name your daughter after where she was conceived ‘Shed’, ‘Bed’, ‘Floor’ all of which roll off the tongue, or give her a made-up nick-name like ‘N’, which will ensure a considerable easy time come spelling on the first day of school.

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  1. Julianne says:

    There’s a cold distance from my other half as he prefers to update Facebook as opposed to empty the dishwasher. Any advice on how I can persuade his actions into the kitchen direction?

  2. Steve. says:

    Hi it’s about some weirdo who’s attached to my Facebook page. How do I stop the stalking? Can I sue?

  3. Beetroot says:

    Great fun! Get to watch what my boyfriend is doing when he goes away at the end of the month. I’m thinking of having my new phone permanently on so I dont miss out. Will he think that I’m. Too obsessed or is this ok?

    Ps you know there’s a blog site that likes to talk about you!

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