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#916 Too obsessed!

Monday 17th January, 2011

Dear Mariann,
Great fun! Get to watch what my boyfriend is doing when he goes away at the end of the month. I’m thinking of having my new phone permanently on so I don’t miss out. Will he think that I’m. Too obsessed or is this ok?

Ps you know there’s a blog site that likes to talk about you!
From Beetroot in reply to post #315 Ashame about the name.

Oh dear. Beetroot by name, beetroot as in never-comes-out-stained nature? Perhaps this is why you’re partial to being ‘too obsessed’? But, really you can never be too obsessed, so long as you’re taking regular rest breaks to pry into the lives of others.  A good hunt through their Facebook Profile Pictures over breakfast, a poke later about through their friend list… Your leaving your phone permanently On is a mere light touch in comparison.

You will now inevitably start living well beyond your usual rational means while, at the same time, expecting to receive hourly updates.  This level of connection will also urge you to drone on and on and on about the relationship superiority of your boyfriend’s far distant past. Questioning for example ‘Who(!) is that he’s with?‘ in a picture three years old.  And why he hasn’t taken down that photograph from some sun-kissed hedonism, arms wrapped around another girl? If so it would be as well to suggest that there might be anything untoward about your obsessed capacity, but hours from now you’ll be out on the streets frantically checking your pockets for updates, messages and other potential love bombs.

Hold tight you are about to be permanently distracted. Happens to the best of us.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Is there a rule about being away from Facebook? I have a thesis to write and I want to post up ‘I am writing so will not be looking at Facebook until June’. I don’t want to be rude but anyone that matters has my email and I will look at that. I just do not want the distraction of Facebook – but is this social death?

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