Proper Facebook Etiquette

#918 Men of the office

Monday 24th January, 2011

Dear Mariann,

Do you think it’s OK for the men of the office to be invited to a bridal shower?  Us office girls have an event on Facebook and the boys have joined. Extra free gifts?

From Lindsay via email and an invitation. Thanks.

Bridal shower, the domain of stateside office politics.  Having never been to a bridal shower, I am limited on this kind of presentation.  Although, if Julie Robert’s is to be believed, such episodes mean female bonding of astronomic proportions, where mascara slips down your face, bosoms heave and you coo with false modesty over new Tupperware and baby grows.  This is not a sight men at the office either need or want to see.

Publishing the event on Facebook was careless form. A kind of female to male bear baiting that in less than eight minutes is going to cause more confusion, than free gifts.  To avoid bad taste, delete the event immediately.  Instead, get the boys to celebrate with the expectant father, and give to him some extra spending cash for an essential martini. This shows that you gals ‘care’, that you still know how to party and avoids what could be embarrassing Wall posts on any event page.

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