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#919 Best friends wedding!

Monday 24th January, 2011

Dear Mariann,
*SHOCK* Have been invited to my Best Friends Wedding! via Facebook. I’m a bit put out as this is completely impersonal. But I am pleased to be invited to the wedding. I’m only going to go to the evening do. So what could I wear that will set the right tone as Best Friend of the Bride and her impersonal communication with me.
From Amanda via email. And no invitation.

First de/unfriend the so called BBF. Second, with regard to attire and putting your Best Friend foot forward. Something from Agent Provocateur. Obviously.


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  1. No name says:

    My friend Kate Middleton has had her Facebook account suspended since Thursday. No a nothing to do with the want to be royal but a real person from Northants!!!!
    Her story was inTelegraph and it says that Facebook mistook her for an impostor using a fake name.
    She cant get reinstated and I think the security services are behind this.

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