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#920 In suspenders

Tuesday 25th January, 2011

Dear Mariann,
My friend Kate Middleton has had her Facebook account suspended since Thursday. No a nothing to do with the want to be royal but a real person from Northants!!!!

Her story was in Telegraph and it says that Facebook mistook her for an impostor using a fake name.
She cant get reinstated and I think the security services are behind this.

From No Name in reply to post #319 Best Friends Wedding!

It is always a good idea to conduct a thorough royal social analysis of all you social network excursions – especially potential name cross-overs. Let’s say you aren’t royal – for example – but you’re trying to be so. Tot up exactly how much time you spend shooting grouse and set against it how much your friends spend on chicken from Tesco (don’t forget to include shot, guns and tweed jacket costs). Into this you must then factor the potential ‘royal enjoyment’. It is hard/er to give you an exact social network weight for this, as – as Fake Kate has found – it depends on the class of person you are: As a rough guide, though, I’d say ‘royalty in the making, good gal gone grand and, thus, you can begin to set your social circle accordingly.Even if you are not getting married into The Family.

It is likely that Fake Kate will find that her account has been ‘suspended’ not for ‘impostor’ potential, but preventive measures sent direct from the royal palace. If ma’am doesn’t approve/control all information, then Fake Kate is going to be in for considerable friend deficit.  On a more humorous note, encourage Fake Kate to send to ma’am – with a fresh new Facebook account as ‘Mrs Wills’ perhaps, that’ll be harder to track down – a Friend Request and explanation that she is not expecting a large friend network, but it would be helpful to be able to give Prince Phillip a Poke every now and then.  Then palming all parties off with a tabloid tell all to the highest bidder.

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